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Departure Process

Check-in (Boarding Procedures)

  • Present your passport at the relevant Airline Counter (1st Floor) for check-in. Final check-in time for international flights is one hour before take-off, but procedures may take time when the airport is crowded. Please allow ample time to arrive at the airport and complete check-in procedures (around two hours before departure).
  • Check in all baggage other than carry-on baggage at the Airline Counter and receive your baggage claim tag.
  • 1F|Check-in Counter
  • 2F|Departure lobby/Boarding gate

Security Check

Check-in Lobby photo
Departure Lobby/Boarding Gates

  • Baggage inspections and body checks are carried out here.
  • Present your boarding pass and lay your carry-on baggage on the x-ray inspection machine. (Please place mobile telephones and other small items in a tray.)
  • Walk one-by-one through the metal-detector.

Customs Inspection

  • If you are taking foreign-made products, such as a watch or necklace, overseas, please go to the Customs counter and fill out and submit a Registration for Carrying out Foreign-made Goods. Without this prior confirmation, these goods may be subject to import duties on your return to Japan.
  • If you are carrying currency in excess of the prescribed amount, you are required to notify Customs.

Departure Inspection

  • Present your passport and boarding pass at the Departure Inspection Counter.

Boarding Gate

Departure Lounge photo
Departure Lounge photo
Departure Lounge

  • Check the number of your flight on your boarding pass and go to your boarding gate.
  • Following the directions of airline staff, present your boarding pass for checking and board your flight.
  • Shops (duty-free) are available in the Departure Waiting Room.