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Arrival Process


Arriving image

  • Arriving passengers enter the International Terminal from the 2nd Floor. Please proceed to Immigration on the 1st Floor.
  • 2F|Arriving
  • Baggage Claim/Arrival Lobby


  • If you are given a questionnaire from the Quarantine Service on the aircraft, please fill out all the required items and submit the form to the Quarantine Counter.
  • If you experience symptoms such as diarrhea or fever or otherwise feel unwell during your flight, please drop by the Health Consultation Office on your arrival.

Immigration Inspection

  • Japanese nationals and non-Japanese nationals should proceed to the relevant Immigration Inspection Counter and present their passports for inspection.

Claiming Your Baggage

Baggage Claim photo
Baggage Claim carousel

  • At Baggage Claim (1st Floor), please collect your baggage from the carousel. If you have no unaccompanied baggage, please proceed directly to Customs.
  • If you have brought plants (plant products) or animals (animal products) from overseas, please proceed to the Plant/Animal Quarantine Counter before going to Customs.
  • If you accidentally leave an item on the aircraft, please inform an airline staff member (you may not return to the aircraft).

Customs Inspection

Arrival Lobby

Arrival Lobby photo
Arrival Lobby photo
Exit for Arriving Passengers

  • Arriving passengers can meet and wait for people coming to pick them up in the Arrival Lobby (1st Floor).
  • Tourism information for Yamaguchi is available.